• From the start to the finish God’s presence was so tangible

    Dear sister Helen, Wow! What a conference!! It was so amazing! From the start to the finish God’s presence was so tangible. Every session built us up. I cannot stop talking about it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for inviting us! Thank you for the honour to lead a case study along with Joy. Joy was fantastic. Just like mum😊

    Sister, I felt like Elisha when I heard your session. I wanted that anointing that moves you. I want that humility and passion to serve the Lord. But I am so weak. All I could do was cry. I cried to God to help me not to limit myself. There was so much I wanted to tell you. But lack of time and more people needed you. How can I get an appointment with you?

    Do the men have such meetings? Charles and other men in our church need some encouragement and input.

    We are looking forward to seeing you and Rev Mbakwe on Nov 17.

    Loads of luv and thanks

  • Heart filled with joy!

    Wow! My heart is filled with joy I just cannot contain it since last Saturday. What an amazing conference!

    What amazing worship, dynamic speakers, your compering and most of all the wondrous and powerful move of the Holy Spirit! The three of us- myself, Blessing and Chandra were tremendously blessed to be able to drink from His Presence.

    We just drank, drank and drank! Our service yesterday was on fire! Holy Ghost fire! Worship and word was amazing! We believe God is about to do something special amongst us this year.

    Hallelujah! May I ask you where we can get the details for ablaze so we can register?

    Thank you and have a marvellous Monday.

  • “You laid hands on me…”

    Comm5 Apostolic Church

    “You laid hands on my last January and my ministry has never been the same. I want to say that God bless you. I really want to be connected to you. I believe God has placed a lot in you.

    Stay Blessed”

  • Thank you!

    I just wanted to thank you again for the Women’s Conference

  • A great work of healing

    God did a great work of healing my heart during the conference

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